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Casual Fine Dine Restaurant Tableware 


Michelin* & Bespoke


Tom sellers
restuarant story

Tom got in touch with us to see if we could bring an idea he had into creation. We made a 31cm bespoke plate with a hand carved antler around the outside. This really showed off what we could do & is only the beginning. 

Kevin Tickle
Forestside Grasmere.

Something that we specialise in is making work that tailored to your exacting requirement. Forestside chose us as one of their main suppliers as they launched their new venue, it was one of our defining projects.

Kenny atkinson
house of tides

We started working with Kenny Atkinson to make his coffee cups, as the confidence in our product built he extended his range with us. We are now one of the main suppliers to his Michelin venue in Newcastle upon Tyne. 


Hand  Thrown by  Jun &  Rich

Learn about how jun & rich came together to make some of the worlds best hand thrown tableware.


Visit our studio 

1265 Degrees North is based at our HQ in Newcastle upon Tyne Kiln. Kiln is our sister business a small kitchen, cafe & bar where everyone can see the process. It is the perfect place to see the entire process and for chefs to engage with our work. Kiln is our proving ground, we use all of our own crockery to demonstrate its aesthetic quality & test for potential defects. While you work with our potters you can enjoy exceptional quality coffees & teas from St. Martins Roastery. 


 Tradition & Craftsmanship

We started by taking on an old industrial unit in Newcastle upon Tyne, and it took some work to get to where we are now. We found ourselves in a brilliant position with Continental Chef Supplies who have supported use for the entire journey. We have had to think about every purchase, every decision and design everything ourself. There is no way we we could have done this without  all of the support we have had from everyone surrounding the project. 1265 Degrees North is really the very definition of invention & that ethos extends into our tableware. We try to use the latest ideas and technology while grounding ourselves fundamentally in tradition. It is tradition and 33,000 years of human invention that have create the humble bowl, plate & beaker. This is not something we should be messing with, the  design is already perfect. Instead we want to make the highest possible standard available. 


One of our defining clients was when we had the great opportunity to work with the Forestside Grasmere, a lot of our range today was born from the really ground breaking collaboration between Kevin Tickle, Martin Frickle and 1265 Degrees North. Its been our most enjoyable project to date. 


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