1265 Degrees North


1265 is a collaborative effort between an English born craftsman, Richard Cullen,  and a South Korean Potter, Jun Rhee. Originally set up from a passion for the high-quality craft by Richard in rural North East England. After finding success in his venture developing premium tableware for restaurants around the UK, Richard began to expand 1265, when he met 26-year-old Jun in Ireland, who was visiting from South Korea. 


Together, the two craftsmen devised their vision and began to combine their ideas and energies. In 2017, the brand uprooted and rehoused itself in the heart of Newcastle's creative hub, the Ouseburn Valley, opening not just as a ceramics workshop, but as an independent bar and cafe space 'Kiln'. Inside the premises, you can enjoy a coffee, beer or portion of Meditteranean food, kick back and watch Jun throw on the wheel, or simply watch the flames flicker from our in house kiln. A truly unique experience. 

 Since humble beginnings, 1265 Degrees North have already worked closely with esteemed chefs and restaurant owners from around the UK, including providing wholesale ceramics Michelin star standard restaurants up and down the country. 

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Our sister business: Kiln. 

Our sister business: Kiln.